Event Cancellation

Event Cancellation  


Have you ever considered what would happen if your event had to be cancelled . . . because of a fire . . . or the collapse of the convention center or meeting hall . . . because of an airline strike or a hotel workers' strike . . . because of a flood, blizzard, tornado, hurricane or earthquake? When you consider all event-related revenues, commitments and expenditures, you realize how vulnerable you are to unpredictable circumstances . . . circumstances beyond your control.

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Customize your comprehensive coverage to suit your particular needs.

The ExpoPlu$ Plan can insure any event, seminar, meeting—from the largest trade show to the smallest professional meeting—regardless of its size, at a cost that won't break your budget.

Event planners spend considerable time, effort and money addressing details and anticipating needs so the occasion unfolds smoothly. Yet, there are circumstances beyond anyone's control that can adversely affect the outcome of an event. Too many companies, organizations and individuals don't consider protecting themselves against these risks, costing them money—and unnecessary aggravation.

AMBA ExpoPlu$ covers all the details an event planner cannot. Our program offers comprehensive revenue protection against loss of revenues in the event of:

  • cancellation
  • curtailment
  • postponement
  • abandonment
  • enforced reduced attendance
  • non-appearance of principal speaker
  • extra expense or
  • penalties for failure to vacate

It also covers nearly every external peril imaginable such as:

  • adverse weather
  • strikes
  • physical damage to show facilities
  • power outages and
  • terrorism (sublimited by location and time; broader terrorism coverage including threat available on request)

What makes our product unique from our competitors' products?

Our innovative approach features:

  • Blanket policy issued for all of your scheduled events.
  • Worldwide location coverage.
  • Coverage available up to 36 months in advance of your scheduled event.

No matter how big or small the event, ExpoPlu$ is there when event planners need it most.



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